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Hello! Welcome to the MKR Community called Cephirou! What is MKR you ask? MKR is initials for Magic Knight Rayearth. Magic Knight Rayearth tells the tale of three junior high school girls who hear a voice asking them to save a world called Cephirou. The voice belongs to Princess Emeraude, the Pillar whose will maintains the peace of this magical world where belief is power. But the peace in Cephirou is now threatened as Princess Emeraude is imprisoned and monsters invade the land. With her last bit of strength, the Princess summons fourth the three girls destined to become the Magic Knights in the hopes of saving her world.

MKR is two seasons long and has one OVA. The mascot is Mokona (who ironically has the same name as the character creator ..) In this community, all: Couples, Characters, Fanfics, Fanarts, Storylines, RPG Groups, FAQs, and Rumors are accepted or told the truth [about rumors or FAQs.] Don't be afraid! Also, the hopes are to make this the biggest and most reliable MKR community as well.

Cephirou is maintained and administered by: ashterisk
Sister Communities = tendo_dojo and kkaitou_jeanne

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