..auburn.. (autumnhaired) wrote in cephirou,

Looking for a Fuu and a Hikaru for Kiseki RPG

I know I've already poked this comm about this a lot, but I refuse to lose hope. ;o;

Kiseki RPG recently lost Hikaru and Fuu, and now my Umi is all alone and feeling incomplete without her two Magic Knight sisters. I'd love love LOVE to have a Hikaru or a Fuu as part of our MKR cast (this includes Ascot, Presea, Princess Emeraude and others).

Kiseki is an awesome game, very fun and easy to follow. It wouldn't be demanding at all and we'd all love to have you. :)

I'm exhausting my means to find canonmates because it's simply wrong for Umi to exist out there without Fuu or Hikaru. @_@ Please consider apping? I'd love you forever.

Cross-posted everywhere. Sorry. DX ;;;
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