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[FANFIC] Elder Sister, a Ferio character study

I posted this on a while back, but I figured I'd mention it here (does anyone read this comm anymore?)

Title: Elder Sister
Words: 3,663
Genre: General
Characters: Ferio, Emeraude, and if you squint, Clef, Lafarga, Lantis, and Zagato.
Rated: G
Summary: Ferio only knew his sister for a very short time: fifteen years, and ten of those years he spent far apart from her. This is a story of what drove Ferio to pursue the legendary mineral Escudo. Manga-based.

Fake-cut to )

Reviews would be most appreciated; I haven't gotten any and while I don't think it's bad, I won't know if it's bad unless someone tells me.  So, I would like reviews?  Crit, praise, flames, don't care.  Concrit would be best, but any of the above works too. ^^;
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